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Candy Grabber

Candy grabber
This tiny version of the claw game machine is something, I’d buy for my kid, just so I could play with it. :)

The machine plays carnival style music, that lasts one minute and fifteen seconds and that’s also the time you have, to grab as many sweets as you can.
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The App Enabled Rolling BB-8 Droid Toy by Sphero

BB-8 Droid toy

BB-8 droid toy is the new official advertising toy for the upcoming movie Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. The rolling toy has been created by Sphero and looks just like the one from the official movie trailer. See more »

Motorized bumper boats

Motorized bumper boats
Motorized Bumper Boat with squirt gun and Foot Pump/Black.
It goes forward/backward/left and right.
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Cool Shot Glass Roulette – Drinking Game Set

Shot glass roulette
This Shot Roulette game set includes 16 glasses on a roulette wheel, with 2 metallic roulette balls.

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