Take Aerial Photos and Videos Like a Pro with Parrot Bebop Drone [VIDEO]

Parrot Bebop Drone
The Parrot Bebop Drone is an ultra-light quadricopter with a full HD camera, its own Wi-Fi hotspot and a navigation computer, that is 8x times more powerful than Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 onboard computer.

Equiped with a 14 megapixels “fisheye” camera, the Parrot Bebop Drone records videos and pictures in a 180° field with remarkable image quality.

Parrot Bebop Drone
The Parrot Bebop Drone comes with a free piloting application, Freeflight 3.0, for iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets.
Parrot Bebop Drone Tablet

The company also introduced a new accessory called Skycontroller, a large dock for your phone or tablet that gives you physical controls on each side and a giant antenna on top that extends your Wi-Fi range to a whopping 2 kilometers.
Parrot Bebop Drone Skycontroller

via: Parrot, Engadget

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