The app enabled rolling BB-8 Droid toy by Sphero

BB-8 Droid toy

BB-8 droid toy is the new official advertising toy for the upcoming movie Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. The rolling toy has been created by Sphero and looks just like the one from the official movie trailer. See more »

Disney’s liquid filled iPhone cases

These cool Apple iPhone cases are filled with a blue liquid which the tiny characters inside float around on.
If you flip the phone upside-down you can watch all the characters float around on the back.

Disney iPhone cases
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Damn Cool Animation (2.5.2015)

Stripped away.
Stripped away gif

via bitsandpieces

Rubik’s Cube Fridge

This cool fridge looks just like the Rubik’s Cube… except the colors don’t turn.
Rubik's cube fridge
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Amazing Coca Cola Bottle Drawing [VIDEO]

Another cool drawing time lapse by italian artist Marcello Berenghi.
It took him 2 hours and 55 minutes to draw this cool Coca Cola plastic bottle.
Coca Cola Bottle drawing
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Damn cool dance moves [VIDEO]

This guy has some mad dancing skills.

Cool dancing
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Elliptical Tree House by Baumraum

Elliptical treehouse djuren
This cool tree house was constructed by tree house designer Baumraum to serve as a comfortable retreat for a family on a wooded property in northern Germany.
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Take Aerial Photos and Videos Like a Pro with Parrot Bebop Drone [VIDEO]

Parrot Bebop Drone
The Parrot Bebop Drone is an ultra-light quadricopter with a full HD camera, its own Wi-Fi hotspot and a navigation computer, that is 8x times more powerful than Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 onboard computer.

Equiped with a 14 megapixels “fisheye” camera, the Parrot Bebop Drone records videos and pictures in a 180° field with remarkable image quality.
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Straight Rod Passing Through Curved Hole [VIDEO]

Straight rod passing through curved hole

This cool demonstration at the Science Museum in Valencia, Spain, shows you how you can pass a straight rod through a curved hole.
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World’s tallest water slide [VIDEO]

World's tallest waterslide

Verrückt (German for insane) is going to be the world’s tallest water slide. Taller than Niagara Falls this slide will be an incredible 17 storeys high. Riders of the Verrückt will be sent down in four-person inflatable rafts at more than 65mph.
The slide will be completed in May 2014 and can be found at Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, USA.
Do you dare?
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