Amazing Freestyle Slalom Skating by 11-year-old Sofia Bogdanova

Sofia Bogdanova
Meet 11-year-old Sofia Bogdanova, the triple European Skating Champion in Junior category.
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Cat Post-it Note Holder

Cat post-it-note holder
This cute dispenser holds 3 inch x 3 inch Post-it notes. The pack includes dispenser and one 3 inch x 3 inch pad of Pop-up Notes.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Handsfree Portable Speakerphone with Built-in Mic

Shower speaker
This waterproof speaker is also shockproof and impervious to dust and debris. It’s ideal for the shower or a day at the beach.
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Crazy Ride on a Mountain Coaster in Switzerland

Mountain coaster Switzerland
The “Mountain Coaster” in Kandersteg, Switzerland offers you a 750-meter(2460ft) long ride down the Alps. So, if you’re looking for some adventure, this could be it.
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Supergal Bookend and Wondershelf Floating Bookshelf by Artori Design

Supergal bookend
Another creative set of gravity defying bookends and bookshelves by Artori Design.
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Superhero Bookshelves and Bookends by Artori Design

Superhero bookend
Book and Hero and Supershelf models by Artori Design seemingly keep your books upright or elevated, thanks to an ingenious system using magnets. They are available to purchase for $25.
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TheOUTlet – A Pop Out Wall Plug

There’s never enough wall plugs, where you need them. Because the current solutions were inconvenient, the creators of theOUTlet came up with an elegant, permanent, and convenient solution.
theOUTlet doubles the amount of outlets when you need them and you can do that with the simple push of a button. It fits into any standard electrical box and is easy to install.
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Alarm Clock Rug That Forces You To Get Out Of Bed to Turn it Off

Alarm clock floor mat
This alarm clock-floor mat will force you to get out of your bed to step on it and turn it off.

“Ruggie”, a small rug with a built in alarm clock can play any custom sound you wish it to play. You can simply connect it to your computer via USB, and then drag in any sound file. See more »

Foldable Cardboard Standing Desk

Foldable cardboard desk
Refold’s cardboard standing desks are flexible, foldable, portable and 100% recyclable.
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Candy Grabber

Candy grabber
This tiny version of the claw game machine is something, I’d buy for my kid, just so I could play with it. :)

The machine plays carnival style music, that lasts one minute and fifteen seconds and that’s also the time you have, to grab as many sweets as you can.
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